Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 022: Don’t Mess With Floridians, Goofball

Hello Internet!

In This Episode:

  • Erin and Weer’d discuss the NPR Report that shows that the majority of school shootings actually didn’t happen;
  • they also share a video of Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd who details what happens in Florida when you threaten an armed Uber driver;
  • Weer’d fisks the alleged leadership of March For Our Lives Boston in a PBS puff piece on their protest march on Smith & Wesson;
  • in Gun Lovers and Other Strangers, David explains how the gun market responds to gun bans;
  • and in Tales From The Trunk, the House Dick has had a rough week and he shares it with us.

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Show Notes

Main Topic:


Weer’d Audio Fisk:

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