Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 260: the Sloppy Seconds Round Table

We’re not making this the standard format. However, we didn’t have enough segments to do a regular show, so we chose to do another Round Table episode instead.

In This Episode

Weer’d, Erin, Oddball, and David discuss:

  • An anti-gun politician who pleaded no contest to keying somebody’s car, despite stating that he thought they might be a “Gun Nut”.
  • A mass shooting in New Zealand. Weren’t we told that their 2019 gun prohibition laws would stop this from happening?
  • A new study showing that children who are taught firearm safety are, in fact, safer around guns!
  • A federal judge upholding San Jose’s gun owner tax and mandatory insurance law.
  • Ontario Knife Company shutting down their New York factory after a buy-out.
  • A 5th Circuit victory in the challenge against the ATF regulating 80% kits as firearms.
  • T-Rex Arms releasing scans for the 3D printing community.

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Show Notes

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