Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 259: The Fran-tastically Tired Round Table

In This Episode

It’s an ACP Round Table, and we’re all exhausted. Join Wee’d,  Erin, Oddball, and David as we tiredly discuss:

  • the pending gun ban in Massachusetts;
  • new firearms on the California handgun roster, and Biofire’s AC brief supporting the lawsuit against it;
  • a new addition to the Tennessee red flag law, and the NRA is involved;
  • a lawsuit which claims that “wanting to purchase an AR-15” or “testing a firearm’s trigger” is a red flag;
  • a federal judge has ruled that Oregon Measure 114 is indeed Constitutional, while  at the same time states are lining up to speak out against magazine bans;
  • and New York citizens are buying guns in response to rising crime.
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