Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 233: The Gang Talks About Court Cases

In This Episode

It’s an ACP Round Table! Join Weer’d, Erin, David, and Oddball as we discuss:

  • The ATF has their new ruling on Pistol Braces, and it sucks!
  • The ATF and the FBI have a watch list of people that alerts when they buy a gun.  (We already knew this, but it’s good to see evidence.)
  • Erin found an amazing tool that shows defensive gun use as it appears in the media aggregated in an interactive map.
  • Last week we talked about the pending Illinois Assault Weapon Ban, and in the time it took to publish that show, the thing passed.  Thankfully, most of the state has chosen not to cooperate!
  • A Federal Judge blocks the New Jersey anti-carry laws.
  • Another Federal Judge allows the same in New York,  but it isn’t all bad.
  • We discuss a Canadian Mountie who broke the law, and made out pretty well because he’s law enforcement.
  • Finally, Wells Fargo is becoming more anti-gun, this time cancelling the business account of a gun shop in Florida.

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Show Notes

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