Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 281: Ring in the New Year with a Round Table

In This Episode

We were on Christmas vacation last week, and a lot of news happened between then and now. It’s the perfect time for another ACP Round Table!

Join Weer’d, David, Oddball, and Myles as they discuss:

  • The death of Gaston Glock;
  • Oddball printed a VZ-62 Pistol… and it works!
  • The Prague spree killing;
  • New information on how law enforcement chose not to use a “Yellow Flag” law on the Lewiston, ME spree killer;
  • Honolulu imposing a Catch-22 law that essentially shuts down the 2nd Amendment in Hawaii;
  • California enacting an unconstitutional carry restriction law;
  • New York banning hunting competitions for stupid reasons;
  • The History of Weapons and War streaming channel created by Ian McCollum;
  • and more!

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Show Notes

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