Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 263: No, the *Other* SAF

In This Episode

  • Erin and Weer’d discuss:
    • Alec Baldwin may be criminally charged (again) for the shooting of Hutchins and Souza;
    • the judge who ruled that Illinois’ Assault Weapon Ban was constitutional is shown to be deeply in bed with the gun prohibition lobby;
    • two sportsman’s groups who are suing the government for defunding youth sporting education;
    • and Weer’d gives us his book review of the firearm prohibitionist book American Carnage.
  • Tiny talks about planning around workplace violence;
  • David takes a historical look at suppressors;
  • and Xander has a look at planning for the unexpected.

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Show Notes

Main Topic:

Gun Lovers and Other Strangers:

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