Bonus Episode: ACP Film Track #22 – Tremors (1990)

Here’s another bonus episode for those listeners who aren’t patrons of the show.

Film Tracks are something the ACP Crew (in this instance it’s Weer’d, David, and Oddball) does regularly, where we watch a movie and record a commentary track for it. It’s a bit like Rifftracks and a bit like a Director’s Commentary.

To listen, just have a device that can play this podcast and some way to watch the movie; we watched it on Netflix, but if you have a DVD or VHS or some other format it still works. Just follow the instructions on the podcast to line up the movie and hit play when we do, and you can watch the movie with the ACP crew.

So join us for some good time, and if you want more ACP Film tracks go to our  Patreon page and sign up!

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