Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 001

Hello Internet!   This is the First Episode of the Assorted Calibers Podcast, the 2nd Amendment Podcast that has a little bit of everything!

This Episode Erin and Weer’d discuss Florida SB 7026.

Weer’d Fisks Trevor Noah of the Daily Show in his reaction to the Parkland Shooting

Savage1R gives an introduction to cryptocurrency.

Erin Interviews Weer’d about his origin story of being brought up Anti-gun and switching sides


Show notes:

2A Day at University Mary Washington

Erin’s thoughts on Florida SB 7026

Daily Show on the Parkland Florida Shooting

Mass Stabbings

Winchester Massachusetts Library Stabbing

Anti-Gun Playbook (PDF)

FBI Study on Mass Shootings (PDF)

Gunblog Variety Cast ep 106

Film Theory: Tide Pod Challenge Exposed

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