Text of Weer’d Audio Fisk “Bloomberg Epidemic”

So as you may know I have channels I stalk when looking for audio to fisk.   Obviously Everytown, Moms Demand Action, Giffords, and the Brady Campaign were once lush fields of anti-gun propaganda,  and back in the GunBlog Variety Cast days when I produced exactly zero podcasts every week,  I was able to come up with a Weer’d Audio Fisk from one of them every week without fail.   That being said,  that well isn’t as lush as it once was,  nor are anti-gun media groups like NPR,  CNN, and MSNBC.   BUT I found a new well to tap.   Bloomberg Originals.     This is owned by Bloomberg News, and they make short documentaries on various political topics.

And yes it’s THAT BLOOMBERG,   and after this video ends a card comes up that reads “Michael Bloomberg,  Founder and Majority owner of Bloomberg news parent Bloomberg LP is a Backer of Everytown for Gun Safety which Advocates Gun-Safety measures   The Group had no roll in the making of this film.”

Well first up, Michael Bloomberg is also the founder of “Everytown” and it’s simply a rebrand of Mayors Against Illegal Guns,  where he and Boston’s own Thomas Menino were the founding Mayors…..With the late Tom Menino it was doubtful if he could even read or write, so we all know who was really driving the bus with that partnership.

Further Everytown and it’s subsidiaries do NOTHING for “Gun Safety”, instead they present bills for gun bans, and restrictions on the rights of gun owners.

Now if you think THIS is the biggest lie of the documentary…..well I really don’t think you’re that gullible!


Play Bloomberg 01


WOW they really start this one off with a doozy.  This is literally the first line of the documentary!

As far as the CDC’s actual numbers go,  the leading cause of death for Children is “Unintentional Injury”  And the 10-14 age bracket “Suicide” becomes #2…..but note that’s only 580 deaths a year and only roughly 50% of all suicides are with firearms,   and the 15-24 Demographic you see Homicide as the #2 cause of death.     Still we’re talking about the SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH,  and …..that second demographic is HALF ADULTS.

So not only do they start with a lie,  but they also gaslight you telling you “ We have no reason to sensationalize the Data”….clearly you do, and it might have to do with Bloomberg and his money,  or devotion to partisan politics over truth and honesty.

Either way,  this Documentary is entitled “America’s Biggest Public Health Crisis May Be Guns” and buckle up because this is going to be a bumpy ride!


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I can’t speak for the gun prohibition movement,  but the Second Amendment Defenders are also out there to save lives!   Don’t believe me?   How often do you hear a Second Amendment Supporter cite the statistic that 90% of all Defensive gun uses end with no shots being fired?    Deadly force Scenario that ends with zero deaths?   SUCCESS!  We carry a gun to PROTECT life, not end it,  and if we can spare the life of the attacker,  that is NOT a bad thing!  Of course we’ll see in this segment that “Saving Lives” isn’t their first priority.


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Another just Flat-out lie.   The only way The United States has the highest rate of gun violence is by discarding ALL OTHER NATIONS THAT HAVE HIGHER RATES OF GUN VIOLENCE.

And their methods make ZERO sense.   The one that DOES make sense is excluding countries at war,   I can understand that gun shot wounds skyrocketed when Russian Infantry Invaded Ukraine…but many of the Models exclude Mexico because of their troubles with the Drug trade….But isn’t that why the inner city Gangs that drive gun violence in this country exist?  Don’t we have a “War on Drugs?”.    They also exclude low-income countries.    Guns are expensive,  why would a poor person keep a gun (especially in a country where gun laws are extensive and draconian) when they could sell it for food and medicine, and buy a machete or a pipe wrench to go do crime?


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This is a political Buzz word that should IMMEDIATELY reveal their agenda.   This is an attack on the Dickey Amendment, which prevents CDC funding from being used to advocate for Gun Control.    Which is Ironic when we’re watching a high-production value Documentary funded by Billionaire Michael Bloomberg.


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Now I’ll note that at no point in this documentary do they mention any specific bills,  and the only policies that are mentioned are the standard gun bans and rights restrictions we’ve been hearing about for the last 30 years….all the policies that have been proven not to work.    So what Backlash are the politicians going to face?   I mean besides Michael Bloomberg Pulling their funding….


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Now in the video they show cigarette smoking which is a MAJOR health boon to public health ,  when I was a kid people smoked EVERYWHERE.   My parents didn’t smoke,  and I remember Mom bringing out an ashtray at a dinner party so guests could smoke in our house,   and now my neighbors who smoke don’t even smoke in THIER own homes,  you see them out on their porch having a butt,  and rather than most people on my street smoking like it was in the 80s, most people are non smokers.     But this bit on auto safety is murky at best.   Young kids account for a VERY small fraction of auto fatalities,  and further the average number of miles driven by Americans is going down,   and I’m not seeing any post-pandemic numbers.   Obviously the highways were a wasteland during the lockdowns,   We used to do a weekly drive into Boston just to run the cars and even in the heart of the city traffic was almost nothing, and now many work forces have incorporated remote work into the corporate model, meaning less commuting,  so the numbers in the show notes are probably even lower today.    Less time in the car,  less chances of getting in a wreck!


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So we’ve already established that this documentary is built on a foundation of lies….hey but we can trust her when she thinks her agenda will promote “Gun Safety”  (Spoiler alert, she’s pushing the same failed policies that have been causing major problems for the last 30 years!)


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Translation:  “I spend all day lying to people to earn my money from Michael Bloomberg!”    Note that she’s a medical doctor who claims to want to “Save Lives”,  and we’re believing she’s just going to walk away from practicing medicine to push gun control on capitol hill?


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So she was at the Independence Day Parade in Highland Park Illinois.   But she and her family were not harmed in the event….given how parades work, she may not have even been in sight of the shooter…but she’s a gun violence survivor.    Guess what,  Me too!  I’ve totally been in Boston when the gangs have started shooting it out.   I was also in Boston when the Marathon Bombing happened as well,  making me a Terrorism Survivor!

When you dilute victim status THIS much it loses all value.

Further note that she treats gunshot wounds…and lives in a Suburb of Chicago.    Gun control at work,  we’ll see more of this!


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647 in 2022?    Yeah that number should be shocking to EVERYBODY.   The Highland Park Shooting was talked about for WEEK as the #1 news story, and most news outlets at the time of this shooting were still talking about the massacre in Uvalde that happened over a month before.   Clearly their definition of “spree killing” is vastly different than ours…..and since the events they always CHOOSE to talk about are the same ones that the FBI considered spree killings, of which there have been less than 400 in the last TWENTY Years.   Of course, in case you didn’t know, Gun Violence Archive is an anti-gun group designed to push an agenda.


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This talk is blatant Child Abuse if children are allowed to hear this.    #1 her kids are safe.  It sucks they were at a parade that was shot up,  but their momentary exposure to violence is what inner city children live through most nights.  #2 this shooting was in Illinois, which has some of the highest gun control laws in the country.   California is also a hot bed for spree shooting.     Claiming you’re just going to do more of that and expect the violence to stop is the definition of insanity,  especially when you’re using the inflated Gun Violence Archive Numbers that declared most nights in the inner city as “The Same as Highland Park and Uvalde”.


Play Bloomberg 12


….you catch that last bit.   In NEW YORK CITY,   as in the capital of Gun Control.   I may claim that Massachusetts has the worst gun laws in the country,  many say California is the worst,  and New York STATE isn’t that bad as far as gun laws go compared to Mass and Cali….but New York CITY might as well be Mexico City when it comes to gun control laws….and yet the doc is lamenting the rise in gun shot cases.    Clearly we need to use this “success story” as a template!


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This is actually a bit of effective policy….hence why this documentary devotes ZERO time to it.   Turns out violent behavior begets violence,  and as the cliche goes,  if you set your gun down it’ll do nothing until a person picks it up.    So focusing on the PERSON actually has potential to reduce violence,  because not only do guns not kill people,  People kill people,  but a person with a knife or a pipe wrench can kill you just as dead as if they had a dredded AR-15


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NOBODY IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!  They always say….nevermind when they say the other thing


Play Beto Hell Yes +  Turn them all In Mr and Mrs America


But also they say that you should NEVER have a gun in the home.    Also adorable that they’re handing out cable locks.   A nice diversion from curious fingers,  also most handguns come from the factory with a hard-sided container with a hole for a cable lock.   Neither will prevent a gun from being used by a determined person, but it will keep a curious child safe.   Still this is just a copy of Project Child Safe that was created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation….as in the actual lobbying group for the gun manufacturing industry.


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This is totally correct.  The solutions are vastly different between gun accidents,  Suicides,  Gang Violence, Spree Killings, and domestic violence…..but like violence intervention this documentary will spend no time on any of those,  because Michael Bloomberg is focused on an agenda that will help NONE of these things!


Now onto a short piece on a true survivor of Gun violence.


Play Bloomberg 16


We’re back to Chicago,  again one of the gun control capitals of America, and a place that even this person selected by Bloomberg in this deeply biased documentary openly admitsGun Shots are a daily occurrence.     This is not the truth for most Americans,   most of us live in places where we don’t hear gun shots every night (unless you live near a gun club,  or farmers shooting coyotes or feral hogs).

As for him thinking it couldn’t happen to him….maybe that’s youthful bravado,  or maybe it’s a lie, because I think there’s more to his story that isn’t being shared.


Play Bloomberg 17


I don’t want to rag on the kid too much as the video shows him graduating High School,  and hopefully he’s being a productive member of society.    All that being said even Rural squares know what the “Waived Some Hand Signals” means.   The would-be-assassin was flashing gang signs.    Now this would be a GREAT opportunity to make this a sob story of a man caught in the crossfire of Gang Violence, like the Murder of Hadiya Pendleton who is the mascot of the Wear Orange Anti-Gun movement.

I deeply suspect this kid was involved in a gang, and he was shot by a member of a rival gang.    Also isn’t a stretch that he might have been doing more than “Just getting a charger from the car” that night.

Either way this case, or the case of Hadiya Pendelton are NOT sucess stories of gun control,  as they both happened in Chicago,  but stories of the hazards of gang violence, and we should be looking to disrupt the gangs and their cycles of violence rather than just taking the guns away from Americans who have ZERO connections to street violence.


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I linked an article that repeats his claim.   What they don’t discuss is the frequency of these visits.   While they may cost more PER PATIENT,  I bet every hospital in the US spends more money patching up patients from auto wrecks just by sheer number. Hell I bet Motorcycle accidents outspend gun shots in a head-to-head.   Still by them implying that gun violence is somehow the leading cause of death and injury it makes it seem like an economic crisis.   So give up your rights, people,  they’re too expensive!!!!!


Play Bloomberg 20


Except violent crime went DOWN AFTER the sunset.   Yes,  the Politicians who passed the 1994 Assault Weapons ban were blazing new ground,   before that the only federal law that restricted classes of firearms was the NFA,  and until the Hughes Amendment,  you could just BUY or MAKE any of those guns,  with just some extra paperwork, fees, and inexcusable waiting periods.   But September of 1994 you couldn’t buy a new magazine that held more than 10 rounds.   You couldn’t buy a new AR-15 with a bayonet lug, or a threaded muzzle.     And while the law was allowed to sunset in 2004,  it still exists in pockets around the country like here in Massachusetts,  and these laws are all being challenged for violating the Constitution.

So really what they’re asking Washington to do is BREAK THE LAW and pass a law that didn’t work, and won’t stop any of the bad things they’ve been lamenting this whole video!


Play Bloomberg 21


They are certainly going up in minority communities that are awash in gun control.   The waters are currently a bit muddy as the Pandemic really threw the world in turmoil for a few years,   but I get the impression that now violent crime is going back down to 2019 numbers which were the lowest in generations.  And there were doubts that the numbers went up at all

Of course they mention minority communities, it’s ironic given that most of America’s gun control laws have their roots in two places 1) Reconstruction South  and 2) Nazi Germany,  and in the states affected by NYSRPA v Bruen,  it doesn’t take much digging to find out that the poor and minority communities were most often the victims of “Police Discretion”


Play Bloomberg 22


Ahhh yes,  all stuff “Gun Owners Support”, The Constitution totally supports all that crap too!  and yeah they also totally want to have a good natured discussion about this with Second Amendment Supporters…..said by a Doctor in New York City shilling for Michael Bloomber’s Gun Control Agenda in a Documentary that’s a solid Brick of lies!

Pull the other one, Doc!


Play Bloomberg 23


Given that everything that’s been told to us have been demonstrably false, and disproven in the show notes,  I’m quite confident it isn’t the Crisis you think it is,  and if Politicians are going to pay, the Gun Prohibition ones are the ones who should be on the electoral chopping block.


Play Bloomberg 24


“Something terrible Happened in a place that has strict gun control laws, so we did everything we could to make the safer parts of the country more like here”


Play Bloomberg 25


Man this is calculated.   They say nothing but lies,  and then lay threats at the feet of politicians that might oppose them.    Thankfully Michael Bloomberg’s ability to control the narrative has slipped tremendously, meaning while his paid lobbyists are working tirelessly to strip you of your rights,  you and your fellow Americans can pick up the phone and call your representatives and let them know what their CONSTITUENTS really think…..and to my Left-of-Center listeners too,  let your representatives know that the 2nd Amendment is not a partisan issue!


Those are your anti-gun talking points and a few rebuttals to combat them!

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